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Store on Zazzle


After some people have shown interest in a few of my designs, and if/where they could get them on a shirt, hat, etc I’ve decided to setup a little “shop” on Zazzle.com.  So here is my one shameful plug for my slowly developing page with the banner that you can click below.  I’m slowing gong to start filling it with items, along with random shirt designs that pop into my head, including the wildcat design I did for BCMS last year.  I have never really done anything like this, so am unsure of the success I could possibly find on Zazzle.com or where their royalty percentages rank compared to other sites.  I will possible blog about the ups and downs I face while setting up shop on Zazzle.  If anyone has had any experience using Zazzle, or know of a better site to use or have anything other suggestions, please feel free to shoot me an email or comment below.



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