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Getting back on the horse

Random fact:  People used to consider me somewhat of an artist.  I was the type of person that when bored would doodle and sketch small things in the corners of notebook pages, or down the margins, or on napkins, or anything I could find when the urge hit me.  Easier simpler times I suppose.  I find myself now, as I get older and farther from those more carefree days, the desire to get back on the horse and start sketching again, and I do find moments where I get to the point of putting pencil to paper, but it rarely goes from there.  I can’t just spit out random images from my brain anymore, not like I used to.  If I accomplish anything artistic now, it has to have a purpose, a drive, a passion behind it.  The simple passion for drawing and seeing my wild imagination interpreted in 2D format has passed, passion has been replaced with purpose.  If a drawing or a sketch doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t seem to find realization.  In approximately 3 years, I have completed only two things beyond simple cartoon sketches to entertain my children.  One is the painting of zoo animals in my daughter’s nursery, and the second is a sketch of the same daughter when she first started to raise her head.

Hopefully within the next little bit, I can find some desire to start sketching again.  I have a drawing tablet to use with my computer to try and help merge a former passion with my current one, but already I find myself doing quick doodles, but never fully realizing anything.  It is however one of the few resolutions I made to myself this year, was to start drawing again, finding an outlet to be creative and being able to get away from all the hassles and stress of the everyday life.  So hopefully soon, blog entries will be coming in with sketches looking for opinions and critiquing.  Wish me luck!


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