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The Wildcats get an App!!

Title: Kentucky Football Gameday Price: $2.99   Developer: Singing Bridge LLC

Follow The Cats on your iPhone!!

In honor of UK’s first home game of the season, and their second win, against Western Kentucky University, I wanted to bring attention to an app perfect for any Wildcat fan!  The guys over at GamedayApps  have brought to the iPhone a must have for any and all members of the Big Blue Nation, local or afar:  Kentucky Football GameDay.  Flat out, if you’re a fan of Kentucky Wildcat Football, and own an iPhone, then you should own this app!!

What’s the line on the game?  What time does the game start?  How do I get to the Stadium?  What channel is the game on?  Who is number 55 on defense?  What did their coach say about us? What are the bloggers yapping about?  What players are on Twitter and what are they saying?  All those questions and more are covered with this app.  These guys have really covered their bases on this app, and after today’s game I’m extremely impressed!!

The GameDayApp team is comprised of a diverse group of Sports enthusiasts. Four former basketball players from the University of Kentucky, a former baseball player from Wofford College, an IT expert from North Carolina, an IPhone Developer from UVA, and a former High School Basketball Coach raised in Lexington, KY, it isn’t any wonder that this app is as great as it is and covers as much information as it does.

GameDayApps uses the built-in features of the iPhone to a specific sports interest.  It taps into “Maps” to give you immediate directions to the Stadium (Home or Away).  It will give you up-to-date weather information and allow you to call the box office for tickets right from the app.

The App also brings you a Twitter based view of your team.  Under our “Tweets” section, GamedayApps has created an account that follows current players, current coaches and ex-players of just one specific team.  One can see the un-edited views of the players, coaches and alumni before, during, and after the game.

The app provides the roster, the Vegas Line, and all available TV information so you can find exactly who is doing what and where for the chosen favorite team.

GameDayApps includes all the links to the blogs, popular news links, and websites of note for your school.  Local news stations and radio affiliates are also included. The App allows one to access local papers and beat writers, the opponent’s local papers, and the coach’s websites for each team.  A fan of the chosen team can see what their beat local news is  saying about the opponent and what the opponents news outlets are saying about their team, all the way up to game time.

The app is to be available year round and updated on an annual basis to provide the owner with a continuing stream of information. GameDayApps can be reached at www.gamedayapp.com.

This app was such a great find, and after using it I was so impressed I contacted the guys at GameDayApps, and they were kind enough to give me 7 promo codes to give out to my readers, which I have listed below.  So go out and check this app out, it is definitely a much have for any and all Big Blue Fans.   GO CATS!!!

Promo Codes



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