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The TARDIS–Your new desktop tool

This is what happens after I watch Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show and become jealous by his mini TARDIS sitting on his desk, I surf Amazon.com and find this: A TARDIS USB hub!!  With this and the Delorian USB hard drive, I can have it all!41LmYgKkByL

And just like everything else, if someone, anyone out there is shopping for me, feel free to grab this!  I promise I won’t think bad about you!


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Withings Wi-Fi Scale – Reviewed

Okay, for anyone that hasn’t figured it out by the name of the site, I consider myself a geek, and in that, any new, or unique technical gadget just seems to call my name!  So, when I came across a scale that not only was Wi-Fi enabled, but also had a free iPhone app you could download, I was all of it!  (My desire to lose some weight at the somewhat direct suggestion of my doctor was also a helpful push towards this bad boy!)


  • Wi-Fi enabledScreen-shot-2010-02-09-at-9_13_24-AM
  • Backlit screen
  • Battery powered
  • Body mass sensor


  • Multiple users with automatic user detection based on weight
  • Attractive/Slim design
  • Quick readings
  • Lots of reporting options


  • Seemingly low battery life
  • Some might argue about the price; $159

So, you might be asking yourself “why does a scale need Wi-Fi?”  Well, I’m here to tell ya, and rest assured, you’ll not wonder “why” anymore after I’m done with ya!

To start off, yes, the scale has Wi-Fi built in,, but that allows it to transmit your data to you Withings site, to your personal, password protect account.  You are also able to post your progress and the data the scale collects on sites like Google Health, Twitter, and others.  The data mentioned that the scale collects is your weight (obviously) but it also collects your fat percentage and your BMI, all of which is transferred over to your account, viewable on the Withings site, and allowing you to keep continual track of your progress nearly effortlessly.  (Well you still have to get yourself up on the scale, so there is SOME effort).

The scale itself looks rather sexy for a scale.  It has a nice contemporary look, with a shiny glass top, and a nice, bright, easy to read LCD display.  Getting the scale set up to use is really rather simple.  After installing the batteries (4 AA) you connect it to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable.  Point your web browser to http://start.withings.com where you can pair you scale with the site, and you’re ready to roll in about 5 minutes!  Its pretty sweet, and simple, rather more simple then I had expected.

Once you setup your account on the Withings website, you can start weighing yourself and have your data uploaded to the site.  Another cool thing about the scale?  I can recognize up to 8 people!  That should be plenty for a normal household with a couple of extras for random guests.  The site itself has some added functions beyond what some might be used to, basically a spreadsheet of data.  You can have graphs showing your progress over time as you weigh yourself, and you can have separate graphs for weight, fat percentage, and BMI.  You can also set goals that you can mark on these graphs, so you can have a visual of how close you’re getting to your goal.

Remember that iPhone app I mentioned before?  You can go out to the App Store, find the Withings app, download it, and you’ll be able to check your stats and progress anytime you like, while on the go!suiviImageTop


Overall I have been very impressed with e scale itself.  The only issues I’ve had with it has been how quickly it drains the batteries, or seemed to drain the batteries, short of that, I have nothing buy high praises for this scale and feels its worth a look by everyone.  If you’re looking to drop some pounds and want to keep track of your progress, the Withings Wi-Fi Scale is the definite way to go!  I definitely feel it is worth the price tag for what it offers, and is a “must have” product for this years holiday season.

**For more information, checking out Withings at their website, their blog, on Facebook and Twitter.


android%20 %20scaleWithings has just announced, you can now get their Wiscale app for your Android Smartphone!  Now even more people can enjoy the brilliance of this scale!

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LogiPen NOTES: A Digital Pen for Note Taking–Reviewed

clip_image002I’ll come right out and say it, I’m horrible about writing notes down everywhere.  I have sheets of papers with random notes, anywhere from important dates and numbers to website or “To Do” lists.  Notes from work meetings and phone calls will get lost in the mix of random notes and doodles.  Apparently the people at LogiPen had me in mind when they developed their pen and receiver to record notes.  (Obviously they didn’t think of me specifically, but hey, let me have a moment here!)

  • Remotely captures handwritten ink notes and drawings (mobile device)
  • Allows you to upload, save and convert handwritten notes to typed text (including script)
  • Works as a mouse or tablet input device
  • Works with any kind of paper
  • Stores up to 50 full pages of A4 text
  • Recognizes and converts up to 26 languages
  • Gives your computer Tablet PC abilities
  • Compatible with Windows XP™ & Vista™, 7™
  • Let’s you share, print or email your notes and drawings


  • Small and compact
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries
  • Can be used with any paper
  • Well priced at $98.50


  • Handwriting to text is unreliable
  • Tries to be two things at once, doesn’t need to try to be a tablet replacement

If your first thought is that the sound of transferring notes to your computer sounds to be somewhat of a task, where just taking your laptop to a meeting sounds more promising, don’t jump to conclusions.  Sure laptops are great, but sometimes you can’t beat an ole fashioned pen and paper (especially if you want to draw unflattering pictures of co workers as you ignore the latest PowerPoint presentation.)  LogiPen isn’t like most digital pens out on the market where you have to use special, expensive paper.  LogiPen allows you to use your own paper with the use of their pen and receiver.

Wireless Digital Pen Reviews BoxThe way LogiPen allows you to do this is that it uses ultrasonic signals.  The way it works is that there is a tiny speaker inside the pen itself that emits a signal anytime you put the pen against your paper.  The signals emitted by the pen are received by the receiver which you have clipped at the top of your page.  The receiver reads the movement of the pen, and records your pen strokes, in what I’ve tested to find in a very accurate method.  (Want to get more technical?  Click here)

What’s even better?  Your receiver doesn’t require to be plugged into any computer to record your notes.  The receiver can hold up to 150 sheets of legal-sized paper, allowing you to choose when you need to import them to your computer using the provided USB cable and LogiManager software.  Once you have your notes imported to your computer, using LogiMangager, you can edit them, import them into a document or you can use MyScript Notes, also included, to translate your handwritten notes into editable text.  I’ll come right out and admit, the convert handwriting to text didn’t go that well unless I made a point to write neatly, which doesn’t fit with making quick notes, and I’m a messy, left handed writer, so the accuracy wasn’t there.  Considering everyone writes in different ways and different styles, I definitely don’t hold it against the software or this product.  However the editing the notes, being able to remove portions of your pen strokes (including just portions of doodles) is nice, along with being able to import into a word document, allowing you to use said notes or being able to copy what information you need.  I found this method to work very well with the notes I kept.

I did have a small hiccup when installing the provided software onto my laptop running Windows 7 in the 64-bit flavor, but this was easily cleared up after I got on LogiPen’s website and downloaded the updated, compatible software for free.

One quick side note, beyond just the ink refill, your pin also comes with a stylus, giving you somewhat of a tablet experience while having your receiver connected to your computer.  If someone was looking for a quick use of a tablet for some reason, this would work well, but I see it as an unneeded extra.


LogiPen from Logipen on Vimeo.

Overall, the premise of having your notes digitally stored and saved, while using your own paper, and being able to store pages for a period of time, or digitally editing them is a welcomed breath of fresh air.  The LogiPen is a great tool for people who like to write notes, especially students and people that are in the business of well, being in meetings.  I highly recommend the LogiPen to anyone looking for a quick, none cumbersome way of writing and digitally saving your hand written notes.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP™ (SP2), Microsoft Windows VISTA™
  • MAC OS X (Limited features)
  • 50 MB available hard disk space
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024×768 pixels
  • Windows 32 & 64 bit compatible


  • Coverage area: Up to A4 page (standard size: 210 × 297 mm)
  • Resolution: 100 DPI
  • Connector: USB
  • Standards: CE and FCC compliant

Dimensions and Weight

  • Digital Pen: (L) 133 mm (D) 13 – Weight: ~16gr.
  • Receiver unit: (L) 85mm (W) 40 mm (H) 11mm – Weight: ~100gr.

LogiPen NOTES Kit Includes:

  • Digital Pen/Mouse
  • Pen batteries
  • Refill
  • Plastic refill
  • Receiver Unit
  • USB cable
  • Quick Guide
  • My Script
  • CD with LogiPen NOTES application pack

**For more information, check out LogiPen at the website, Facebook, or Twitter**


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