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Moms With Apps–A Must Have

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Moms with Apps –  FREE
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If you were told that you could have access to a list of family-friendly iPhone apps that has been put together by over 200 developers, would you even hesitate to look at it? What if I told you that you could search through these apps, cataloged and categorized by their education value and by the appropriate age group? To be honest at this point, you’d probably start wondering what you needed my site for, (please keep coming back!) but seriously, doesn’t that sound like any parents dream come true? Especially when you’re out on the road travelling and all the typical “go to” apps to save your sanity just aren’t cutting it? Well, fortunately this isn’t a “what-if” scenario where I tease you and then leave you hanging. The people behind MomswithApps.com have put together an iPhone app, which does all that I listed above and more, and better yet, its FREE!

The origins of Moms with Apps come from Twitter and four moms who had developed family-friendly apps. The site and concept has grown since then, and they describe themselves as this:

Moms with Apps is a group of individual, independent, family-friendly developers who share best practices on making and marketing mobile apps. Most of our membership is comprised of parents who have launched their own apps on the App Store, have their own access to iTunes Connect, and have the time and inclination to share best practices with other developers at the founder’s level. We are not a traditional app review site.

I realize, that in the scheme of things, I might be taking some attention off ofmzl.dmivetfd.320x480-75 myself and this site by pointing out the Moms with Apps iPhone app, but the truth of the matter is, I originally imagined this site to be for fathers to come to, to either read about my ups and downs of fatherhood or to have some new iPhone app or tech items highlighted where I was able to find a use for it, as a parent. Yes, I have strayed away from that underlying purpose and goal from time to time, but my desire for that is still there, and I would be cheating anyone and everyone that comes to this site if I didn’t point you in the direction of this app.

Moms with Apps has a simple interface where you can search through the list of apps they have put together. Some have been highlighted here in the past; others have been new to me and will no doubt be new to some of you. Bottom line, if you have a child, any age, that enjoys playing with your phone, or you let them play with your phone to save your own sanity, this app is worth your time; not because it’s free, but because it’s priceless in the information it can give you as a parent on the go.

The App has the following features:

  • Over 600 apps from the top educational app developers
  • Organized educational subjects (e.g. Early Learning, Math, Science, Special Needs)
  • Recommended ages for every app and book
  • Create and maintain a wish list of your favorite apps
  • Discover and share great apps through social networking

Along with the superb features listed, and the general overall greatness of the app, I wanted to also point out how great the pages for the individual apps are. The pages include besides the general information of the app, includes links to take you to the App Store, you can share the app via email, Facebook, and Twitter, along with adding the app to your own personal “Wishlist”.

This should be on every “Top App” list for parents owning an iPhone, flat out. If you think I’m wrong, feel free to call me a liar! 😉

Seriously though, if you weren’t aware of Moms with Apps prior to reading this, check out their app, check out their site, it has a world of information that you are bound to find useful for any and all parents owning an iPhone or iPad.


Moms With Apps is a terrific app for any and all parents.  The amount of information it offers is worth money, but amazingly enough this app is free.  Free!!  The price might be free, but the amount of information you can gain from this app is priceless.  (Please forgive me for the corniness of that line)

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10 Must Download Apps for New Verizon iPhone Parents

If you’re one of the tons of people that will be grabbing the new Verizon-ized iPhone, there’s a good chance you’re new to the vast world of iOS and her apps.  If you’re a parent, after you grab your choice of social media apps (check me out on Facebook and Twitter if you want) you might be interested in some of these must have apps.

In no way to I consider this a “Top” type list for apps for parents, but am highlighting a few that I feel deserve a look at.  If you come across one you think is worth mentioning, or have your own personal favorite, please leave your comment below so all the masses can check it out too.

1. Camera+

download-1One of the many perks of having, well, nearly any new phone these days is that it comes with a camera.  People love the ability to grab quick pictures of something cute their kids do, or a sweet pose as they nap.  Sure you have the native camera app, but Camera+ gives your camera a steroid injection with all the advantages and none of the nasty side affects.  Giving you a wide variety of filters, frames, and affects to apply to your pictures, along with sharing options to your social media pages and email, Camera+ is a bragging parents dream.

2. Screen Time

screen-time-app-for-dads-jpg_thumbDeveloped by a dad with 3 young boys, Screen Time is a time tracking app with the goal of encouraging kids to spend less time watching TV and playing video/computer games.  It allows you, as the parent, to set daily limits on the amount of time allotted for TV, while also providing kids the chance to earn more TV time as a reward.

3. Peekaboo Wild

peekaboo wildThe “sequel” to the original “sanity savior” for myself the first time I had my son in a waiting room with me.  Although you won’t go wrong with any of the Peekaboo apps from Night & Day Studios, Peekaboo Wild, with its upbeat music, wonderful artwork and selection of “wild” animals makes it my favorite of the 3, and has been a staple and a standard app on my iPhone since before my Bug was 1.  For infants and Toddlers, this app will save you headaches in the end!

4. Zoo Train

zoo trainZoo Train is one of these special apps that I feel not only set the standard for what all children’s apps should be, but also highlights a developer that will need to be watched for more greatness.  Zoon Train is relatively new, and already hits a homerun.  From bright, sharp, amazing graphics, to interactive and challenging tasks for toddlers on up to preschoolers, Zoo Train is one of those special apps, that can grow with your child and be one of those special apps that they’ll be asking to play.

5. Netflix

netflixThis one might be slightly more selective, but if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you need to have this app!  Not only does it allow to you manage your Instant Queue, but it allows you to stream TV and movies directly from your phone.  A great life saver if you’re stuck in traffic and have an impatient child in the back seat.  Its those times that I’m thankful to be hearing Kai Lan!

6. omBooks

ombooksInteractive books are a big market in the App Store, but if you’re looking for the cream of the crop, with some of the most classic of all children’s book, look no further then Oceanhouse Media.  The have the market cornered with Dr. Seuss, The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter and more.  Fun to sit there and read with your child, or simply give it to them and let them watch the book read to them, omBook is another one of those must haves.

7. Mom Maps

mom-mapsMom Maps can help you as a parent, find fun, kid-friendly location.  A user-created directory of all child friendly places and points of interest in your location.  Currently the database contains 26,000 locations from 27 metro areas, and is constantly being updated.  When you’re on the go, what’s better then to have a kid-friendly travel guide?

8. Chore Bank

chore-bankChore Bank is the best way to keep track of your child’s allowance, completion of chores, and spending money. It is your own personal ‘Bank of Dad’.  I’ve just now started playing with it, but felt it was worth putting on this list because it fits perfectly with what I was looking for in terms of chores for the kids, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that would be interested in it.

9. ABC Song Piano

abc pianoTeaching your child the ABCs is as much a staple of parenthood as changing diapers.  So what better way, then to incorporate the ABC song in with an interactive piano/music app?  I started enjoying Kiboomu’s apps when they released their first app, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Piano, and have since grown to respect the women behind Kiboomu, along with considering them friends within the parenting and blogging community.  With new apps on the horizon, why not start off with singing your ABCs?

10. Angry Birds Seasons

angry-birds-valentinesOf course, all parents need something for themselves to help maintain sanity, and what better then the ever growing and ever popular Angry Birds?  However, everyone knows about Angry Birds, but not all are aware of what you could call its sequel, Angry Birds Seasons.  What started off as just a Halloween specific app, soon added a Holiday Season level, and is getting ready to be updated with a Valentine’s Day level.  It’s a nice extra spin on the Angry Birds, and who can deny a pig dressed as Cupid?


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The Lost Craig Ferguson’s Doctor Who Opening!!

Okay, in my growing fandom for Doctor Who came an announcement from one of my favorite TV personalities; Craig Ferguson that he was having a Doctor Who night, an entire episode of his show “The Late Late Show” dedicated to Doctor Who!  The excitement grew, as I saw tweets from Mr @CraigyFerg referencing him putting words to the Doctor Who theme.  That fateful night was November 17th.

If you know the story or watched the show that night, you know that Craig had an elaborate opening number, where he had added words to the Doctor Who theme, but was told five minutes before the show that they did not have the rights to use the theme music, which of course brought about a fairly hilarious opening segment with the brilliant Mr Ferguson letting out some of his frustration.  Well, throughout the show, you heard references to the opening being leaked onto the internet, and finally, after 2 weeks, we have that wonderful leak!  Feast your eyes on what should have been the opening to “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on their Doctor Who night, with a cameo of The Doctor himself; Matt Smith!!

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Withings Wi-Fi Scale – Reviewed

Okay, for anyone that hasn’t figured it out by the name of the site, I consider myself a geek, and in that, any new, or unique technical gadget just seems to call my name!  So, when I came across a scale that not only was Wi-Fi enabled, but also had a free iPhone app you could download, I was all of it!  (My desire to lose some weight at the somewhat direct suggestion of my doctor was also a helpful push towards this bad boy!)


  • Wi-Fi enabledScreen-shot-2010-02-09-at-9_13_24-AM
  • Backlit screen
  • Battery powered
  • Body mass sensor


  • Multiple users with automatic user detection based on weight
  • Attractive/Slim design
  • Quick readings
  • Lots of reporting options


  • Seemingly low battery life
  • Some might argue about the price; $159

So, you might be asking yourself “why does a scale need Wi-Fi?”  Well, I’m here to tell ya, and rest assured, you’ll not wonder “why” anymore after I’m done with ya!

To start off, yes, the scale has Wi-Fi built in,, but that allows it to transmit your data to you Withings site, to your personal, password protect account.  You are also able to post your progress and the data the scale collects on sites like Google Health, Twitter, and others.  The data mentioned that the scale collects is your weight (obviously) but it also collects your fat percentage and your BMI, all of which is transferred over to your account, viewable on the Withings site, and allowing you to keep continual track of your progress nearly effortlessly.  (Well you still have to get yourself up on the scale, so there is SOME effort).

The scale itself looks rather sexy for a scale.  It has a nice contemporary look, with a shiny glass top, and a nice, bright, easy to read LCD display.  Getting the scale set up to use is really rather simple.  After installing the batteries (4 AA) you connect it to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable.  Point your web browser to http://start.withings.com where you can pair you scale with the site, and you’re ready to roll in about 5 minutes!  Its pretty sweet, and simple, rather more simple then I had expected.

Once you setup your account on the Withings website, you can start weighing yourself and have your data uploaded to the site.  Another cool thing about the scale?  I can recognize up to 8 people!  That should be plenty for a normal household with a couple of extras for random guests.  The site itself has some added functions beyond what some might be used to, basically a spreadsheet of data.  You can have graphs showing your progress over time as you weigh yourself, and you can have separate graphs for weight, fat percentage, and BMI.  You can also set goals that you can mark on these graphs, so you can have a visual of how close you’re getting to your goal.

Remember that iPhone app I mentioned before?  You can go out to the App Store, find the Withings app, download it, and you’ll be able to check your stats and progress anytime you like, while on the go!suiviImageTop


Overall I have been very impressed with e scale itself.  The only issues I’ve had with it has been how quickly it drains the batteries, or seemed to drain the batteries, short of that, I have nothing buy high praises for this scale and feels its worth a look by everyone.  If you’re looking to drop some pounds and want to keep track of your progress, the Withings Wi-Fi Scale is the definite way to go!  I definitely feel it is worth the price tag for what it offers, and is a “must have” product for this years holiday season.

**For more information, checking out Withings at their website, their blog, on Facebook and Twitter.


android%20 %20scaleWithings has just announced, you can now get their Wiscale app for your Android Smartphone!  Now even more people can enjoy the brilliance of this scale!

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The Greatest Celebrity App EVER: Kevin Pollak

Title: Kevin Pollak Price: $0.99    Developer: Randy Adams

pollakThe man, he’s hilarious. He was the source of my interest in Twitter while talking about it on The Bob and Tom show.  He does an impersonation of nearly everyone but me, and now, he has what is hard pressed not to be the best celebrity iPhone app available.  Developed by Randy Adams, the Kevin Pollak app, offers up a video blog where Kevin records quick videos for the fan’s view pleasure.  You have a products tab, which takes you directing to an Amazon listing of all things Kevin Pollak.  If you’re not on Twitter, but still curious about what he tweets, there is a link to that!  Along with photos, links to KevinPollak.net and news regarding him, and archives of his chat show, the Kevin Pollak app is an amazing fan site, realized in the form of an iPhone app!

Flat out, if you enjoy the comedy of Kevin Pollak, at just 99 cents, this app is a must have, the vBlog alone is worth the price for admission!

mzl.lotcydka.320x480-75 mzl.jqvuvsbb.320x480-75AppStoreBadgeSM

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The Wildcats get an App!!

Title: Kentucky Football Gameday Price: $2.99   Developer: Singing Bridge LLC

Follow The Cats on your iPhone!!

In honor of UK’s first home game of the season, and their second win, against Western Kentucky University, I wanted to bring attention to an app perfect for any Wildcat fan!  The guys over at GamedayApps  have brought to the iPhone a must have for any and all members of the Big Blue Nation, local or afar:  Kentucky Football GameDay.  Flat out, if you’re a fan of Kentucky Wildcat Football, and own an iPhone, then you should own this app!!

What’s the line on the game?  What time does the game start?  How do I get to the Stadium?  What channel is the game on?  Who is number 55 on defense?  What did their coach say about us? What are the bloggers yapping about?  What players are on Twitter and what are they saying?  All those questions and more are covered with this app.  These guys have really covered their bases on this app, and after today’s game I’m extremely impressed!!

The GameDayApp team is comprised of a diverse group of Sports enthusiasts. Four former basketball players from the University of Kentucky, a former baseball player from Wofford College, an IT expert from North Carolina, an IPhone Developer from UVA, and a former High School Basketball Coach raised in Lexington, KY, it isn’t any wonder that this app is as great as it is and covers as much information as it does.

GameDayApps uses the built-in features of the iPhone to a specific sports interest.  It taps into “Maps” to give you immediate directions to the Stadium (Home or Away).  It will give you up-to-date weather information and allow you to call the box office for tickets right from the app.

The App also brings you a Twitter based view of your team.  Under our “Tweets” section, GamedayApps has created an account that follows current players, current coaches and ex-players of just one specific team.  One can see the un-edited views of the players, coaches and alumni before, during, and after the game.

The app provides the roster, the Vegas Line, and all available TV information so you can find exactly who is doing what and where for the chosen favorite team.

GameDayApps includes all the links to the blogs, popular news links, and websites of note for your school.  Local news stations and radio affiliates are also included. The App allows one to access local papers and beat writers, the opponent’s local papers, and the coach’s websites for each team.  A fan of the chosen team can see what their beat local news is  saying about the opponent and what the opponents news outlets are saying about their team, all the way up to game time.

The app is to be available year round and updated on an annual basis to provide the owner with a continuing stream of information. GameDayApps can be reached at www.gamedayapp.com.

This app was such a great find, and after using it I was so impressed I contacted the guys at GameDayApps, and they were kind enough to give me 7 promo codes to give out to my readers, which I have listed below.  So go out and check this app out, it is definitely a much have for any and all Big Blue Fans.   GO CATS!!!

Promo Codes



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Checking in – a recipe for disaster

Image representing Foursquare Solutions as dep...

Image via CrunchBase

No doubt a subject that is hotly contested, and will be more so with the injection of Facebook Places, and whatever likely competitor someone like Google comes up with next, is the subject of “Check-in apps”.  Expected to be the next big social media craze, the concept of being able to “check-in” to your current location with your smart phone seems to be unleashing what seems to be becoming an exponential amount of apps.  Apps such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, and Facebook Places has already brought about more reward oriented apps that incorporate with those, such as WeReward, Waze, and SCVNGR, just adding to the enticement of being part of the latest trend.

Image representing Loopt as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

The essence of these apps are to allow you to check in to locations you’re at, announcing to your friends where you are or have been for the day.   As a user, it’s a fun little games you can play along with, earning badges or possibly becoming “Mayor” of locations you frequent such as on Foursquare.  As a business, it’s a great tool to help promote yourself and possibly bring in new customers, businesses such as Starbucks and American Eagle offer bonuses or discounts to Mayors of their locations, it’s the latest and greatest marketing campaign, that’s only expanding with the added apps like WeReward, which rewards you with points that can eventually be cashed out for real money, simply for visiting a certain business or restaurant and taking a picture of yourself with their product.  Perfect example: For one day a few weeks ago, if you visited Subway, which is typically worth around 30 points, you gained 300 instead.  Once the number of users grow on such apps, bonuses such as these on special days will probably be on the increase, as the news spread rapidly on Twitter and other sites about the 300 points at Subway.

Image representing SCVNGR as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

So far, all these “check-ins” have been controllable on who viewed them.  You had the power to choose if you posted your check-ins on Twitter and/or Facebook.  I’ll come out and admit it, I use Foursquare, I don’t have that many friends locally, and its mostly a one man entertainment for me, but I’m very cautious of when and where I upload my check-ins.  I see no need to let all my friends on Facebook see that I’ve checked into Olive Garden on a Saturday evening.  There are way too many people on Facebook that could see that, especially if I hadn’t setup my security settings.  There are even sites such as PleaseRobMe.com, that shows a stream of only Foursquare check-ins on Twitter.  my big issue is that Facebook, in trying to jump into the latest craze, has opened up a can of worms with their new check-in system.  (Which I do not use).  Sure I play around with Foursquare (attempted Gowalla but had to many issues not being able to check in with it) but I maintain control of who sees what, when.  With Facebook, if you check-in on Facebook, it’s there for all of your friends to see.  Sure the argument could be that the information on Foursquare and others is still out there to be found if someone wanted to, but that’s a known risk that is taken by signing up for such things.  You still maintain more control then you do on Facebook.  I understand that business aspects of pushing out Facebook places, I do, but when people are being warned not to post pictures while their on vacation because it could potentially announce to the wrong people you’re not at home, they now have a means to basically post it on a billboard!

Ultimately, just like when you post vacation pictures, if you choose to “check-in” is up to you.  I feel that out of all the options, if you want to play around with it, Foursquare is your better choice in that in allows you to better control the flow of information, and protects your privacy better than others (and WeRewards works with it too to add a little extra game to it all).  At the end of the day though, just like everything else, the decision is yours to make.

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A geek in a small town: Mt. Vernon USA

Okay, so its time for a little rant I suppose.  I live in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky.  Most people that come to this blog probably don’t even know where that is, or when they read Kentucky, they develop their own opinions rather quickly.  Well the fact is, its a rather small town, not exactly in the rural parts of Eastern Kentucky, but at the same time, not far out of it.  Now of course, some people might find that thought calming and peaceful, and think it sounds like a nice place to be.  I’m not saying its not!!  I’m not condemning Mt. Vernon, or Rockcastle County, or anything like that, far from it!  Sure, it has its flaws, what place doesn’t?  And obviously If parts of me didn’t enjoy living here, I wouldn’t be, but it does makes things more challenging for me at times.

Map picture

Okay, so obviously I’m a geek.  I know, that’s a huge shocker considering the name of the page is Geekasms, so I definitely don’t hide from it or try to dress it up as anything else.  I’m a tech geek, movie geek, comic geek, I hit the high notes of most things in the realm of Geekdom at one point or another, and most that know me wouldn’t argue that point.  Unfortunately, Mt.Vernon doesn’t exactly lend itself to the expansion of certain elements of my geekery.  (I realize I keep making up words using ‘geek’, but hey, I’m entertaining myself!).  There are plenty of examples I can pull from.  One  from a few years back, being Gmail.  I adapted to Gmail as soon as I was able to.  Grabbed an invite from a messaging board, and have never looked back since, and although Google has gradually adapted Gmail with new functions and aspects including chat and others, its been of no use to me because well…..not many people I know have yet to use Gmail, or even consider it, even with me trying to get them to try it.  They have no interest in changing what they already have, and leave me alone in my Gmail Geekground (play on playground….I know, starting to get sad already)

More up to date examples would be things like Twitter, LinkedIn and social iPhone apps.  On Twitter, I have less then 100 followers, even today, and a very small handful of them are actually from Rockcastle County, and even fewer still live anywhere close!  The worst part about that is, I’ve almost reached 1000 tweets!  Those are a whole bunch of lonely tweets, no doubt.  I’m also on LinkedIn.  A website that is obviously picked up in other parts, but no where around me.  I have very few connections on LinkedIn, and nearly all of them come from people I work with, not anyone from home.

Then we have the iPhone.  Yes, many, many adapters to the iPhone, but very little usage in the world of apps I reside in.  No one local uses foursquare at all.  I still play with it, but its more of a self entertainment then anything else.  Even using apps or searches on foursquare or twitter to find users close, its always just me, and people that have traveled  up or down I75.

I live in an area of either very slow adapters, or people that do not adapt at all, while I do my best to be on the front lines and cutting edge of everything going on.  Plus, don’t even get me started on the difficulties of finding graphic design work anywhere close!  (Possible rant for PCS site later on)

So why am I ranting?  I have no idea.  Maybe I hope to get a few sympathetic followers (@Michael_Parsons) or some comments, or I simply have no goal in this but to simply voice my frustration out on the fact that I feel like I’m alone in the world of Geekdom in my general area.  But, it is what it is, and I shall continue to fight the good fight, with my army of 1!!

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