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Its Peekaboo Time Again with Peekaboo Forest


Peekaboo Forest

Night & Day Studios, Inc  -  $1.99                        facebook20 twitter5 mail5


Image9iPhone Kids AppiPad Kids AppiPod Touch Kids App

The fine folks at Night & Day Studios have released their third app in their Peekaboo line of apps for toddlers and preschoolers.  This time, their latest, Peekaboo Forest, features the stunning art of Charley Harper, which separates it from previous Peekaboo iterations, and sets it atop its own pedestal.  Peekaboo Forest doesn’t just take the same equation that equaled success for Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild, but they evolved it all around.

In the previous apps you had animals hiding behind barn doors or grass, making noise, then appearing once your child touched the screen.  Now you have teases like a leaf moving or a tail wagging, before the animal makes its appearance, the its name being announced, making this interactive app, much more like an actual game of peekaboo.  Not only that, but this version builds upon a foundation wrapped around the seasons, where after every 3-4 animals, you have a littler intermission with music and announcing the next season.  Not only is this a way of teaching the seasons, but it helps break up the repetitive pattern of getting animals appear.  Bug enjoys this part of the game, and dancing with the music just as much as she does seeing the animals, making this addition a great and welcomed one.

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However I do feel inclined to point out, the pace and feel of Peekaboo Forest is much more low key then with Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild.  If I was to suggest to a parent, especially one younger then Bug who is at 21 months, I would suggest starting off with Peekaboo Barn or Wild before moving on to Peekaboo Forest.  Bug loved is (as can be seen by the video below) but I can see where this one might not captivate younger kids like Peekaboo Barn did for her last year.


Peekaboo Forrest is a fun, education and interactive game that you’d expect from Night & Day Studios, and features the stunning vivid art of Charley Harper.  It is a unique take on the peekaboo app concept and is an universally entertaining app fr any preschooler.  If younger then around 2, I’d suggest Peekaboo Barn or Peekaboo Wild prior then trying out Peekaboo Forest, but don’t question the greatness that this app offers!

rating_18 rating_18 rating_18 rating_18 rating_25

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Best iPhone apps for infants (Summer 2010 edition)

Its summer time!  Vacations and family outings, nearly guaranteeing you’ll be on the road, or another space that you will cringe at because you know, sooner or later, your baby, your joy, will become a screaming, kicking bundle of rage.  In the age of the iPhone baby, us as parents do have a tool to help easy the pain, one that is changing the landscape of the next generation in terms of tech savvy, hand/eye coordination, and methods of education.  Below are a few of the personally tested and approved apps, all for the iPhone, that gets the job done for this Daddy and his iPhone baby.

Peekaboo Barn/Peekaboo Wild  

imageThe first successful app to calm my daughter was the wonderful Peekaboo Barn.  Both Barn and the sequel app Peekaboo Wild offer a entertaining, colorful experience that can be completely controlled by your child.  Unlike similar apps that offer animal names and sounds, what Barn and Wild offer is a simplified interface that opens a wild world of fun for your child.  One touch of the screen will reveal the hidden animal, allowing your child to hear the sound the animal makes, then says its name.  A second touch takes that animal away, and resets to play peek-a-boo with the next animal.  The simplified navigation and function makes this an easy app to just load and hand over while driving, because once they figure it out, they love playing with it themselves.

Price: $1.99 for each (Peekaboo Barn Lite – Free)   Developer: Night & Day Studios   Link

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Preschool Storybook Piano

imageDon’t let the size of the name of this app scare you, in a very short time this has become a tried and true app that my daughter loves!  Its another one of those apps that you can just go to and let them loose with, letting them play the piano as the song plays, or mix and match.  The app comes with four separate modes play; Play Sing Along, Learn The Song, Karaoke Mode, and Freestyle Mode.  Each mode offers its own method to allow kids to learn this great classic song, giving this app the unique gift of having a renewing interest, even with kids that get bored quickly, allowing for separate methods of integration.

Price: $0.99   Developer: KIBOOMU  Link

BabyFirstTV’s Peek-a-boo, I See You! Lite

imageThis one I accidently ran across as I was searching for Peekaboo Wild in the app store to get the link for above and had to try it, I mean it has the BabyFirstTV’s name on it!  The app is a fun colorful little game where this character basically plays hide and seek with your child.  Limited to only 2 tries, the lite version gives you a chance to see how your child responds, and after showing my little girl once or twice what she needed to do, she caught on and started loving it!  The basis of the app is you have a character that comes out and says hi to your kid and then disappears!  The next thing you know you see a hand waving behind one of 3 objects on the screen, and once your child touches the appropriate object, our little cute character pops out and yells “Peek-a-boo!”  The only drawback I have with this compared to the others listed is its more of an app you let your child sit in your lap and play rather then just hand over, but that’s definitely not bad because its so much fun seeing how excited they get then they realize where the little character is hiding and they take their little finger to the screen.  This is just one of many apps under the BabyFirstTV’s name, and I will be checking out the others shortly, hoping they all match up to the level of this app.

Price: Free or 1.99 for paid version  Developer: BFTV, LLC   Link

Sound  Touch Lite

imageWhat makes Sound Touch Lite (and the paid version) unique is the vast amount of sounds it offers your child.  Boasting 120 pictures and sounds for the free version, and 240 in the paid version, Sound Touch gives your child 5 separate categories of pictures and sounds to go through.  Farm Animals, Cars, Zoo Animals, Music Instruments and Household sounds are the options available and give a fresh approach to a category of flashcard games that is growing for the younger ages.  Once your child figures out the concept of it, its another one of those you can just hand over to them and let them play and listen to their favorite sounds.

Price: Free or $1.99 for paid version Developer: Sound Touch   Link

Dr Seuss Classics

imageThis might be more of a favorite of mine right now then my girls, but I can’t help but put these on the list.  Oceanhouse Media has been rolling out what are basically interactive audio e-books of everyone’s favorite Dr Seuss classic books.  Already offering a handful of books including The Cat in the Hat, with more on the way, there is no doubt your favorite will show up if it hasn’t already, and what better way to introduce the iPhone Baby generation to the greatness that is Dr Seuss?  Offering you the control of reading and turning page by page, or just sitting back and watching as the book reads itself, these are great updated adaptions of everyone’s favorite classics.

Price: $0.99 – $3.99   Developer: Oceanhouse Media  Link

As always, if you feel I’ve missed an app that worthy of being looked out and tested, feel free to leave a comment.  All the above apps have been tested and entertained my 14 month old daughter, and thus are Geek Father Approved


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iPhone Baby

I have had the WordPress App on my iPhone forever now and have never attempted to create a post from it, never had come upon a reason I couldn’t wait until I got to my laptop. Well partially out of boredom and curiosity I found an excuse to create a post.
I’ve posted about my baby girl playing with my phone, and as her geeky father, trying to find new ways to entertain her. I’ve even posted reviews on some of the apps I’ve had the most success with. Well as proof of concept, I snapped this picture of Abby playing Peekaboo Barn on my wife’s iPhone while stopping at a red light. I just find it entertaining how a 1 year old can be more aware of how to use a technical device then many adults (example: my parents).
Although I’m still up in the air on how much technology is too much technology when it comes to young children, I couldn’t help but share this snap shot of my bug. Father’s pride I guess.

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iPhones and infants

I’ve realized that there is a growing demand for information for apps for what I’m calling iPhone Babies. I’m in the process of testing other apps with my baby girl (but Peekaboo Barn is still the take all home run).  What I’m looking for are suggestions for apps.  What does your baby enjoy, what gets their attention?  Paid or free, doesn’t matter, I’m curious to see what other magic apps are out there for us tech savvy parents.  Feel free to comment below on what apps you feel fall under the category of “Must Have”.

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The best gets better…Peekaboo Barn gets updated!!


When things are good, most people just sit back and enjoy it, but Night & Day Studios, the people behind the brilliant Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild are not nearly that easily satisfied, as they have put out what is arguably a sizeable update to their already amazing and popular iPhone and iPad app Peekaboo Barn.

For those that do not know, Peekaboo Barn looks and feels like a virtual popup book for your child.  Starting off with a bouncing barn, if you listen you can hear a sound coming from the barn, giving you and your child a chance to guess that animal before touching to screen to watch the barn doors open up, listen to the noise again and then have the animals name announced, giving your child the chance to learn the names of some of their favorite animals, who are illustrated by Divya Srinivasan, whose work is regularly featured in the New Yorker.  With the brilliance of that formula, there is no doubt that Peekaboo barn is the #1 must have app for all parents who have toddlers and infants.

If you check out Peekaboo Barn at the iTunes store, the update is listed as follows:

New features:

* New animals — You’ve asked and we’ve listened!  Now there are three new animals in the barn: chicken, rabbit, and a mouse. 

* New English pronunciation option — In addition to the child narrator, there is now an adult narrator who pronounces all animal names correctly. Choose which narrator you would like to use in the language section of Options.

* Detects Mute Switch on iPhones — if your Mute Switch is on, an indicator appears telling you that you won’t hear any sound.

PB3_chicken PB3_mouse PB3_rabbit


Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of this app.  Its simple, yet pure genius.  One of the very few apps out there that not only can entertain a toddler and up, but educate them as well.  My 1 year old daughter has been entertained by Peekaboo Barn since she was old enough to look at the screen (I had originally downloaded it to entertain my son one busy day waiting at a doctor’s office), my daughter now can work the phone herself, loving the rooster and rabbit the most right now.

I originally called this one of the best apps for a toddler (and infant) on the iPhone.  I was wrong in narrowing it down so much.  Its the top app for any parent with a young child.  Its one of the top reasons I as a parent am getting the iPad!  Not only have they updated Peekaboo Barn with all that’s listed above, they’ve also made both Peekaboo Barn and the sequel Peekaboo Wild compatible for the iPad!  Making these vibrant, creative animals come to life on even a bigger screen, and you know watching your child’s eyes light up, or in my case, light up and dance, will be well worth it.

Priced at $1.99, this app is an absolute must for any parent!!  If you need further proof, they also offer a Free version of Peekaboo Barn, and as an extra bonus, I have a promo code available for one lucky reader that comments on this article.  Now go a download Peekaboo barn, and if you don’t smile when you hear “piiiig!!” well…my good sir, you’re not living!

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5 Great iPhone apps for infants and toddlers (yes infants)

Its a general rule for parents that you’ll find anyway possible to make your child happy, to get them to laugh, especially when you’re out in public or stuck in a car.  Although most people don’t see their iPhone as an entertainment tool for their infant, as a father of a 10 month old, I can tell you that a select handful of apps have saved me from a crying little girl and kept her entertained for how long I needed her to, and saved my sanity.

1. Peekaboo Wild

Image51 The current cream of the crop for me!  Peekaboo Wild from Night & Day Studios, Inc offers up a fun, colorful educational delight.  It gives your child the chance to learn the sounds and names of some of the animals of the wild, including elephant, lion, and hippo in either English or Spanish.  Offering colorful images and animation, along with animal sounds and the name of the animal, my little girl already knows how to use this app all on her own, and gets mad when the animals all are sleeping at the end.  At $1.99, it has been worth every penny!

2. Peekaboo Barn

Image1 The app that started it all, at least for me, also comes from Night & Day Studios, and offers the same fun, education and entertainment that Peekaboo Wild offers, only this covers farm animals, including a cow and a horse.  And once you’ve gone through all the animals with your child, how can you not smile when you hear the little girl say “wooooster”. Also at $1.99.

3. eliasZOO

Image3 eliasZoo comes from the same vein as Peekaboo Barn and Peekaboo Wild in that it covers animals, their names and sounds.  What eliasZOO offers though is 22 brightly colored animals that your child can poke at to hear the name and the sound they make.  My little girl loves this one just as much as the others, and it gives her a different group of animals that she can learn, see and hear.  (Plus, I never knew what sound a Unicorn made until I got this app). $1.99.

4. Old MacDonald & Itsy Bitsy Spider

omdicon1ibsiconBoth these apps come from Duck Duck Moose, along with Wheels on the Bus.  These apps take full advantage of the iPhone’s touch screen, allowing your child to explore each page of these colorful musical books.  Being able to play and sing along with your child makes this app a fun little moment to have with each other.  Although not as simple as the apps previously listed in terms of controls, my little girl still loves sitting in my lap as I get the book to move forward through the songs. Old MacDonald is $1.99, while Itsy Bitsy Spider only will cost you $.99.

5. The Cat in the Hat & Dr Seuss’s ABCs

Icon_Tiny_WhiteCornersj Icon_Tiny_WhiteCorners Both these apps come from Oceanhouse Media, where they offer up a couple more Dr Seuss inspired apps.  The Cat in the Hat and Dr Seuss’s ABCs are musical, interactive versions of the books we loved as children, now on your iPhone for the new tech savvy generation!  Like the apps from Duck Duck Moose, these are slightly more advanced for the smaller ones, but still great entertainment as they sit in your lap, and is a great way to introduce them to Dr Seuss in a new and entertaining way.

As parents, we’ve all been in a situation where we wish we had that magic wand to make our babies happy.  Well they might not quit be that magic wand, but these apps are simple, safe distractions for those times when you need it!

Do you or your child have a favorite app?  Any suggestions or input?  Feel free to leave any comments, as my little bug will be getting bigger and needing new ways to be entertained very soon I’m sure.


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