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Rockcastle Adult Education Logo

One of the first logos I threw together when I started designing again was a freelance job that wasn’t even guaranteed it would be used.  Well its being used, and I’m happy and thankful for it, because I just enjoy the look of it, and hated for it to go to waste.



<script name="4eeb8a08-a057-11df-93c8-1231390698b3" src="<a href="http://izearanks.com/itk/show/geekasms-com"">http://izearanks.com/itk/show/geekasms-com"</a&gt; type="text/javascript"></script>

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Back to designing (somewhat)

After taking a break from designing anything really for a month or so, I’ve knocked out two in the past few days.  One is off a whim and is a new avatar for myself, which is also being used above in the the header for this blog.  Feel free to give me input.  Once the final approval from Bath Co for their requested “Superhero” Wildcat, I’ll be posting the final.  Feel free to check out my PCS website for more updates.


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PCS – Graphic Design ad

PCS ad used in yearbook ads and online advertising.


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BCMS 2010 Yearbook cover – Final

The final design and layout for Bath Co Middle School’s 2010 yearbook cover.


If anyone is interested in having a custom cover design, feel free to head over to my other site, www.parsonscs.net, or simply email me.  I’d be happy to discuss things, and am very easy on price, including being willing to trade for ad space.

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