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Picture of Mjolnir from Iron Man 2

Below is a picture of Thor’s hammer; Mjolnir from the extra scene at the end of the credits of Iron Man 2.  The picture is not of the best quality, I will be attempting to get a better picture as from the quick glimpse you see of the hammer, you can see that there is writing on it.

Mjolnir as seen from Iron Man 2

Along with the scene from YouTube (currently)

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First Thor……now Mjolnir!!

Well that didn’t take long to track down…440px-Mjolnir

After mentioning and wondering about the easter egg at the end of Iron Man 2’s credits, its being reported that is in fact a scene related to Thor.  Not revealing Thor himself, but in fact the one item missing from the picture released, Thor’s mighty hammer: Mjolnir!  I have not yet had the chance to see it, since the movie will not be released in the states until May 7th, but the scene is being described as follows:

The scene starts showing a black car driving through the New Mexico desert.  When the car stops, the passenger is revealed to be Agent Coulson (SHIELD Agent played by Clark Gregg) who walks over to look at a giant crater.  He then makes a phone call (assuming to Nick Fury) simply saying “Sir, we’ve found it.”  The final shot shows that in the middle of the crater is Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, sitting head-down, in a similar pose scene in the comics.

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The Thunder God unveiled!

Not often do I post stuff like this on here, but I can’t help it considering I’ve been a fan of Thor since middle school.

The same weekend that Marvel Studio’s is releasing Iron Man 2 in some overseas markets, they release the first image of Chris Hemsworth in full Thor costume.  Have to say, this first image gives you hope, looks very spot on!  With all things, especially those related to films, the first impression isn’t always right.  So we’ll just have to sit back, wait and see, but first impression is very positive from where I sit.


One question though, is if they release an image the same weekend as Iron Man 2, one might suspect Thor might have an appearance in a special scene after the film, very similar to Nick Fury in the first Iron Man, and Tony Stark in the Incredible Hulk.  Remember, all the Marvel Studio films are in the same universe, all leading up to an Avengers movie.  If this is the case, it won’t take very long for work to get around.

UPDATE: Not exactly an appearance, but still pretty cool… [Easter Egg revealed]

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