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Inception Ripped Off Uncle Scrooge!

I don’t typically do this sort of post (maybe I should though) but I found this so much fun to read over that I thought I would share.  Uncle Scrooge, Donald Duck, and all of them Disney based Ducks were some of my favorite characters  when I was little, including back in the days of the Duck Tales cartoon.


So anyway, the website Cracked has a list of “5 Amazing Things Invented by Donald Duck” and the first on their list at #5 is that basically, the concept of the movie Inception is “coincidently” a decent rip off of a story from a 2002 Scrooge McDuck comic!  Surprised smile I know!

Included in this list is also Indian Jones, actual scientific discoveries, and Astro Boy.  Ultimately though, what you should take away from the list is that there is obviously a hidden cover-up to hide the truth, that Donald Duck is the single most important individual in the last century, and that hiding in Mickey Mouse’s shadow is simply his cover.  (My opinions, maybe not yours)

To check out the pretty cool list, along with a bunch of other neat lists they’ve put together throughout the site, click here.

**I want to thank my buddy Daniel Morgan for bringing this to my attention


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