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Geekasms.com turns 1

As of January 11th, this site turned a year old.  As such, I wanted to take a moment and thank the one person who is responsible for keeping it going through its first year: My Bug.


I originally started this site to blog about random things, hopefully expand my artistic endeavors, and just give myself a spot to call my own.  It quickly turned into writing about things I was learning and experienced with Bug, compared to my other children (as it was a period I hadn’t been able to experience with them), and how its opened my eyes to many things. I began to realize that I could write about more then just being a dad, that I could give some technical  insight that I picked up along the way, because as I am technically minded, I want to always try and incorporate technology into entertaining and educating.

So now, a year later, not only is she my inspiration, but my motivation and most of all my main assistant when it comes to most things I write about on here.  If I give a reaction or say how she’s done in reaction to an app or product, rest assured she has.  I have no desire to mislead anyone.  So hopefully in the next year, I can expand the coverage of this site more, bring up more subjects  for conversation on here, and see if all my kids can’t give me a few entertaining things to write about too!

So look for some changes in the upcoming weeks and please feel free to leave any comments or reactions, good or bad, or make any requests you might have on things that are covered on here. I want to increase conversation on here, and that is as much up to you as it is me. I truly want to make this site one where parents can come be geeks, and geeks can come and be parents.



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