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Free Coloring Sheet–Abby’s Elephant

Something new I’m playing with, to entertain Bug and I thought I’d share with the masses.

When I found out we were going to have Bug, I wanted her to have a special nursery, so I set out, and on a whim one night, sat down and started designing jungle animals that I turned around and painted on the walls of her nursery.  Well as she’s gotten older she loves looking around and pointing at the different animals so I’ve decided to take those designs back to paper as color sheets where she can color her animal friends.

One of her favorites is her elephant, so I decided to do that one first, and lets just say it was a huge hit as soon as I handed her the printout!  So enjoy!  Click the image below for the pdf file.  More to come in the following days, and please, feel free to make requests as I will continue to design new animals once I conclude with the animals in her nursery.



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