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Wordless Wednesday #6.1–The Bug Sketch

Since I’ve been thinking of something to help me with stress, I’ve considered revisiting this picture I drew of Bug back in 2009.  The one I’m showing I’ played with very little in Photoshop, mostly just adding the white highlights.  Haven’t decided yet.  Feel free to critique in the comments below if you like.


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My 2 year old Picasso – Bug colors the wall

Bug's ArtworkWell, it’s happened. Something I thought had the chance of occurring but I was hoping I might be able to avoid. Bug has now drawn and colored on the wall. It happened the other night in just a blink of an eye, but none the less it occurred, in all it’s black ink pen and green crayon colored glory! (I swear, back turned 15 second, 20 tops!)
I’ve had a hard time deciding how I wanted to handle it. Of course, initially I rushed over to her, told her no, grabbed the crayon (pen was on the ground already) and proceeded to point to the wall where the offense had occurred and tell her no, she doesn’t color on the wall. My initial internal reaction was to be harsher but I quickly realized it’s not her fault. Before this moment she didn’t know she shouldn’t draw on the wall. She just knows Daddy praises her when she draws and colors on paper.  So naturally, why wouldn’t she want to do it on something bigger?  Fortunately since the other night there has been no repeats, and she has had chances, but has opted to come sit in Daddy’s lap and help highlight his notes, or write down her own opinions.
My biggest debate on this is how do I react or handle it when it happens again? Yes I said when, not if. If she’s anything like her Daddy it’ll happen again. There is still a drawing I did when I was around 3 on the inside of one of my Granny’s doors that she still talks about to this day. So what do I do? I want to be sure she knows she’s doing wrong and I want to discourage the behavior, but not to the extent that I risk taking away any enjoyment she has in drawing or coloring (self admitted selfishness on my part here too). Its something as a parent I knew I’d eventually face, and had yet until now. And now that I’m faced with it, I’m at a bit of a loss as the course of action I want to take. I guess I have until next time to sit and stew on it, between now and then though, hopefully I can keep my mini Picasso to work solely in the paper medium, and avoid drywall.

Below:  The aforementioned artwork of yours truly at a much younger and more innocent age.


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Drawing with Bug

One of my favorite things right now is watching Bug draw. Something about how serious and intense her look is as she concentrates on the page, I just love it!

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Getting back on the horse

Random fact:  People used to consider me somewhat of an artist.  I was the type of person that when bored would doodle and sketch small things in the corners of notebook pages, or down the margins, or on napkins, or anything I could find when the urge hit me.  Easier simpler times I suppose.  I find myself now, as I get older and farther from those more carefree days, the desire to get back on the horse and start sketching again, and I do find moments where I get to the point of putting pencil to paper, but it rarely goes from there.  I can’t just spit out random images from my brain anymore, not like I used to.  If I accomplish anything artistic now, it has to have a purpose, a drive, a passion behind it.  The simple passion for drawing and seeing my wild imagination interpreted in 2D format has passed, passion has been replaced with purpose.  If a drawing or a sketch doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t seem to find realization.  In approximately 3 years, I have completed only two things beyond simple cartoon sketches to entertain my children.  One is the painting of zoo animals in my daughter’s nursery, and the second is a sketch of the same daughter when she first started to raise her head.

Hopefully within the next little bit, I can find some desire to start sketching again.  I have a drawing tablet to use with my computer to try and help merge a former passion with my current one, but already I find myself doing quick doodles, but never fully realizing anything.  It is however one of the few resolutions I made to myself this year, was to start drawing again, finding an outlet to be creative and being able to get away from all the hassles and stress of the everyday life.  So hopefully soon, blog entries will be coming in with sketches looking for opinions and critiquing.  Wish me luck!

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