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Corruption of the young…with Wonder Woman #600

So my 8 year old has currently been asking questions regarding collecting.  She wants to collect something, she’s wanting to make something her own.  Basically she’s trying to find who she is and develop her own identity, but currently has trouble letting go of the desire to make everyone around her happy with her.  Well the other day, she just randomly starting sorting through some of my old comic books I have up stairs.  Now first off, you have to understand I used to be a HUGE comic geek back in the day, I mean huge!  Was a heavy collector of all things Spider-man, well before the movies, and I had a great collection too, unfortunately I really don’t have any of it left, through circumstances I’m not proud of at all.  Anyway, she started asking question, like how long did I buy them, where did I buy them, etc. and actually sat down and started reading an issue of JLA.

Well today, I did something that gave me a small spark of pride, and a large chunk of questioning motives.  Fortunately my job takes me many places throughout the state, and when coming home, I was able to pass what used to be my main stop for all things comics back in the day in Somerset, Ky.  The store is Collector’s Comics, and fortunately for myself, the place was still there.  Well I walked in with the determination to find 2-3 comics that would give a good range of what my 8 year old might or might not enjoy reading and/or collecting.  A task that I found was not as smooth and easy as I had hoped, as I found out, and explained to the man working the store, its not that easy to shop for comics for someone else!!

So after much browsing and fighting the urge to buy a large group of books for myself,perez600 I came away with 3, those being Tiny Titans, the current Supergirl (#54 I believe) and the recently released Wonder Woman #600.  I had already read WW through a different means, so I knew the issue, not only being a starting point for a story for her, but also gave her a few separate stories she could read and get a feel for how comics are.

Where this will lead, I have no clue as she hasn’t sat down to read any yet, but already has one of my unused bags and boards to place her WW #600 in once she’s completed with it, and she already plans on going through my books and pulling ones she’d like to look at.  So either I will soon have what will be an avid comic fan (and my new excuse for running to the local store on Weds) or this will be a phase that burns out as quickly as it was ignited.  Only time will tell, so we can only sit back and wait (and read the news headlines coming in from SDCC)


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2010 Topps 1962 Mickey Mantle Reprint Relic

Back in the days of elementary and middle school, I used to collect baseball cards.  It was the big thing where you would take some to school and trade, or meet up with cousins and friends to trade or see who has what.  It wasn’t for monetary gain, you didn’t necessarily care about the condition of the cards, the big thing was to have your favorite player(s) or try and collect every player for your favorite team.

Well now 15 years later, for whatever reason I’ve started buying a pack of cards randomly when I go to the store, and with more knowledge of properly taking care of things, keeping them in “mint” condition, I would say I’m more of a proper collector now.  Although my knowledge is limited right now as to what cards are worth keeping, which are good investments, I do come across a card once in awhile that I know should be worth something, the question is what is themickeymantel value.  I have come across one such card, one that is apparently rare enough that asking friends online, no one has any knowledge of it, and its been hard finding any info on it anywhere online up to this point.

The card in question comes from the Topps 2010 Series 2.  It is serial numbered up to 62 (with mine being 38/62) and numbered as MMR-1 on the back.  It also has a piece of a game used bat, showing through a 62 cut in the card.  I did read that the chance of getting the card is 1:70,000.  If anyone knows anything about this card or has any additional information, feel free to contact me or comment below.


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