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Thor Movie: Odin and Loki appear

Thanks to a set visit from Entertainment Tonight, I’ve grabbed screen captures of two more characters revealed.  Anthony Hopkins and the one-eyed Odin, along with what looks to possibly be Loki in what looks to be a big hall, likely part of Asgard.  Take a look and see what you think!



You can check out the full video here

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Thor’s costume revealed; with very little thunder

In keeping with the theme of random news on the Thor movie, today hot on the heels of the Captain America concepts came the release of an image depicting Thor’s “look” for the movie.  First two things I notice are A.)  No helmet and B.) The lower half of his body, the pants and boots suck horribly and if you take into consideration he is a Norse God, well I guess even Thor has to go “Hollywood.”  Take a look and make your own evaluations.  After reading comments online, my favorite is that is looks like they ripped off a bunch of gas caps off of an Audi.

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The Thunder God unveiled!

Not often do I post stuff like this on here, but I can’t help it considering I’ve been a fan of Thor since middle school.

The same weekend that Marvel Studio’s is releasing Iron Man 2 in some overseas markets, they release the first image of Chris Hemsworth in full Thor costume.  Have to say, this first image gives you hope, looks very spot on!  With all things, especially those related to films, the first impression isn’t always right.  So we’ll just have to sit back, wait and see, but first impression is very positive from where I sit.


One question though, is if they release an image the same weekend as Iron Man 2, one might suspect Thor might have an appearance in a special scene after the film, very similar to Nick Fury in the first Iron Man, and Tony Stark in the Incredible Hulk.  Remember, all the Marvel Studio films are in the same universe, all leading up to an Avengers movie.  If this is the case, it won’t take very long for work to get around.

UPDATE: Not exactly an appearance, but still pretty cool… [Easter Egg revealed]

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