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Wordless Wednesday #3 – Old Clippers


Taken with my iPhone

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Camera+ Returns to the App Store with a Vengeance!

download (1)After a few months of being taken off the App Store, the people from TapTapTap have released Camera+ 2.0.  Below are all the updates and additions with this version.  The big question now is, how will it compete with Instagram and other apps as they have grown in popularity more while Camera+ has been off the radar.

What’s new
1. removed “SLR” screen for a simpler user interface
2. reworked much of the user interface so that it’s more unified and much more intuitive
3. improved the usability of zoomed photos in the Lightbox
4. improved usability of Touch Focus/Touch Exposure
5. significantly sped-up startup time
6. increased menu size and included it on both camera screen and Lightbox
7. added shooting preferences panel
8. improved operation of stabilizer
9. added timer shooting mode
10. added burst shooting mode
11. added white balance lock
12. Touch Exposure now works on iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch front facing camera
13. improved most effects
14. improved most borders
15. improved most scene modes
16. added Cyanotype effect
17. added Tailfins effect
18. added Depth of Field effect
19. added in-app purchasing of effects, with the first being the “I ♥ Analog” effects pack
20. added Diana effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
21. added Silver Gelatin effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
22. added Helios effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
23. added Contessa effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
24. added Nostalgia effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
25. added Expired effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
26. added XPRO C-41 effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
27. added Pinhole effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
28. added Chromogenic effect (in I ♥ Analog pack)
29. grouped borders into Simple and Styled sets
30. added Light Mat and Dark Mat borders
31. added Round White and Round Black borders
32. added Offset border
33. renamed Grit border to Light Grit and added Dark Grid border
34. added Viewfinder border
35. added Old-Timey border
36. added Film border
37. added Sprockets border
38. added Darken scene mode
39. added Cloudy scene mode
40. added Shade scene mode
41. added Fluorescent scene mode
42. added 3×2 crop
43. added rotation of photos
44. added flipping of photos
45. added sliders to effects for adjusting effect amount
46. added exporting geolocation and metadata when saving to the Camera Roll
47. added a function to save and leave photos in Lightbox
48. added a function to commit all edits in photos
49. added a function to copy photos with edits committed
50. added a function to copy photos without edits
51. added a function to undo all edits in photos
52. added a function to remove geolocation in photos
53. added photo info panel which shows photo metadata, editing recipe, and map with photo geolocation
Major bugs fixed
• fixed a bug in which the keyboard wouldn’t appear when posting to Twitter
• fixed a potential crash when posting multiple photos to Facebook
• fixed a bug where no previews were shown for photos taken with Camera+ and later imported into iPhoto or Aperture
• pasting photos now preserves the photo’s metadata
And many, many, many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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Camera+ gets stable without a tripod with version 1.2.1

With one of the few apps that I follow and keep tight tabs on personally because I love it, I thought I’d keep my readers updated, as this app has made a few of my lists, and will be included in another upcoming list soon.  Announced today, the people at tap tap tap announced a stability update of Camera+ with already mentioning version 1.3 and new features!!  Whoohoo!!   Below is the an exert of tap tap tap’s announcement on their blog:

For this release, we’ve gone into bug-fix mode in order to make Camera+ as stable and reliable as it can possibly be. Here are the release notes for version 1.2.1 (app store link):

  •  greatly improved usability of our exclusive Touch Exposure and Touch Focus features so that you can now move around the controls once you lift your fingers, hopefully resulting in far fewer cases of pretzel-finger
  •  fixed a bug where the camera shutter button would stop functioning (again)
  •  fixed a bug where the whole app basically wasn’t working if you were using the app on a certain beta version of a certain OS (special thanks to the several people who 1-starred us for not being completely on the bleeding edge while we develop… it’s payback time and you owe us stars… staaarrrsssss!)
  •  fixed a bug where double flash & flip controls would appear in the camera screen

Click the link above if you would like to read the rest of the release notes, and if you haven’t already, go out and buy this app, it is well worth it!  Now the wait begins for Camera+ 1.3!!

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Camera+ 1.2 released. New exclusive features!

Just last week, I posted a review on what I now consider the best iPhone camera app available right now in Camera+ from tap tap tap.  Well consider me surprised when Lisa Bettany, the professional photographer that is the mastermind being Camera+ tweeted

Woo! Camera+ 1.2 now available with exclusive Touch Exposure feature & detailed metadata 🙂

Not only was the best camera app being updated with a few minor bug fixes, but was adding brand new features including touch exposure to help you increase the quality and your ability to capture those rare moments in life.  Here is the release that was posted on taptaptap.com

Camera+ 1.2 is fresh off the presses and it’s got some very cool things in it! Get it now in the App Store.

Here’s the big list:

  • [Camera+ exclusive] Touch Exposure: set exposure separately from focus for the ultimate control of your shots (touch with a second finger to control exposure)
  • [Camera+ exclusive] Touch Focus: better than tap to focus because you can continuously drag the focus box around until your shots are in perfect focus
  • [Camera+ exclusive] Photo Flashlight: use the iPhone 4 LED flash as a continuous fill light to improve photo quality, especially for portrait and macro shots
  • speed of photo taking is now lightning fast
  • the high quality zoom control now works on iOS 4
  • stabilizer improvements
  • detailed metadata is now uploaded to photos shared on Flickr
  • fixed a bug where the camera shutter button would stop functioning
  • fixed a bug where photos wouldn’t display in the Lightbox on an iPad when in 2× magnification mode #weird
  • various minor bug fixes and enhancements

The new feature boasts the ability to allowing you to select a certain object in the photo your taking and adjust your focus accordingly.  Although currently unable to test this new feature as I’m waiting for the delivery of my new iPhone 4. (NOTE: The new touch exposure feature only works on the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 running iOS4) the video included at the link above shows great promise and has me excited about playing around and testing the new features range and ability.

Another reason you might find to go over to tap tap tap’s website is a funny little note about how a feature that they were wanting to implement into their app, a feature that I feel would throw this app above and beyond everything on the current market and would truly open the door as the iPhone being considered a true and tested camera on the go, was denied and caused the app to originally be denied acceptance into the App Store.  They also share a link where you can protest to Apple on their reasoning for this rejection.

Camera+ is one of the best values you can find in the App Store right now, so if you haven’t given yourself the privilege yet, these newest enhancements should be more then enough for you to embrace this excellent app

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An App in Review: Camera+

Title: Camera+ Price: $1.99 (currently on sale)   Developer: tap tap tap


cameraAs a Dad, my iPhone isn’t my best, most advanced camera, but it is probably my most used camera, and is especially useful and irreplaceable in those rare moments when you just have to snap a picture.  In fact, being able to have a decent camera phone where I could save a number of pictures at any one time was one of the “excuses” I used when I was buying my original 3G after we found out Abby was on the way.

If you look in the App Store, there are what seems to be a million and 1 camera and photo related apps that you download.  One such app is Camera+ [iTunes link] which comes from photographer Lisa Bettany and developed and distributed by tap tap tap and is worth every penny!

On the straight forward side, when it comes to image capturing, Camera+ offers a grid, allowing you to help line up your photos, an image stabilizer, which takes advantage of the phones accelerometer.  By turning on the image stabilizer, the shutter button either will blink red, yellow, or green, depending on how still you’re holding the device.  Once you’re holding your phone steady enough for the shutter button to blink green, Camera+ will automatically take thePhoto2 picture.  This helps eliminate the blurry pictures you can sometime catch, but unless you have a steady hand or a surface to place to phone one to help keep it still, I’ve noticed its sometimes hard to reach the steadiness green requires.  Sure you could see it as a downfall, but the purpose is there, and the desire is a steady, clear picture, so you can’t really argue with the function of it.  Camera+ also offers a digital zoom, which when originally released, prior to iOS4, it was a bigger deal then it is now with digital zoom built in to the default camera app, but regardless of that, it’s a useful tool within this app.

In terms of social media, everyone wants to be able to share pictures you grab.  What’s the point in catching that once in a life time moment if you can’t show it off and brag about it, right?  Well Camera+ doesn’t disappoint in this area, as it offers the ability to share images directly to Twitter, facebook, and flickr, along with giving you the option to email directly from the app.  However where Camera+ truly shines and sets itself apart from other apps is:


This is when Camera+ starts separating itself from the crowd and truly makes its on of the top camera apps out there.  When you use Camera+ to capture images, it doesn’t throw the picture into your photo library with all your other pictures, but puts it in its own little album within the app itself.  I’ll admit when I first started using this app, I wasn’t sure about this function, after using the default camera app for so long, having these photos in a different area seemed alien at first, but after a couple of uses, I absolutely love this part of the app.  Basically The Lightbox allows you to store your photos you take away and out of the default photo album, giving you a chance to edit, share, save to your photo library or delete the photos you’ve taken.  One function I notice with the Lightbox immediately is that the possibility of duplicate photos is removed, where it has been an issue with other apps I’ve used in the past.

Editing, Effects, and Borders

Camera+ offers a robust selection of different editing possibilities for photos that you’ve taken.  You have the option to play with your photo’s exposure settings, with what is a very comprehensive set of tools, offering 11 different settings, or conditions including sunset and beach, but I have found that the auto exposure does a decent job of making your photo more vibrant.  Actually if you do nothing else with your photos, I’d suggest using the auto exposure.  I’ve even gone back to some photos I’ve taken prior to using Camera+ and improved theirPhoto1 quality using the auto exposure.

Another selection of tools allow for cropping of your photo, but where most apps will simply allow you to drag over what you want cropped, Camera+ offers you a good variety of presets that include 4×6 and square.

Camera+ doesn’t stop there, offering up a large number of special effects you can use on your photo, offering a total of 24 presets separated into 3 groups; Color, Retro and Special.  Although I’ve never been one for many effects past black & white (if you can call that an effect), I have found myself using a few of these more and more as just a fun way to spice my photos up.

Finally you have the border tool, which will allow you to finish your photo with 8 different selections including thin, classy borders, and gritty.  Giving you a chance to give your photos that extra “oomph” with that timeless Polaroid look!

Even though I can do any and all of these using Photoshop, but that takes away the fun and I find myself using this app more and more and simply having fun with it.   For a Dad, a parent, or just someone that likes to snap pictures at any given moment, this is a must have app to help open up your creativity on the go.  NOTE: Check out Lisa’s blog to see more info and a couple of short info videos on how the app works.


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