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Mimobot The Joker Flash Drive-Reviewed & Giveaway!!

The Joker_wallpaper_1

If you read my previous review of Mimobot’s Vintage Batman flash drive, you already know of my love affair I have with it and how well I was looking forward to the rest of the Batman line being released.  Well, the wait is over as Mimobot has released their 4 additional USB flash drives for their Batman line.  As soon as I finished writing my review of the Vintage Batman, I turned around and preordered a Joker, because hey, if I’m going to have Batman, I’ve got to have The Joker, right?  Right!  Plus, who better to protect my data then the Crowned Prince of Crime?

Image1The Joker comes with all the greatness that the Batman one did.  All the same specs and available options including capacity sizes from 2 gig up to 16 gig are available.  The design is great, making it a great compliment to anyone’s Batman collection.  Seriously this is one of the coolest flash drives you can buy out there right now if you ask my opinion.  (I have yet to find a Doctor Who related flash drive, still looking though).

So, with my love of all  things Mimobot realized, I’m proud to announce the first true, official, physical giveaway for Geekasms.  I am giving away 1 Mimobot The Joker Flash drive, in the 4 gig flavor.   To enter the contest and be in the drawing for this terrific flash drive, you have 3 options:

1. Leave a comment below.  Make sure I have your email address to ensure I can reach you if you are the winner

2. “Like” Geekasms.com on Facebook

3.  Tweet the following message:

Terrific  Giveaway! @Michael_Parsons and @geekasms_dotcom are giving away The Joker from @mimobot http://bit.ly/gbbmBK #geekasms

Some basic rules for this giveaway:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must live in the continental US
  • You only need to enter once, but can enter as many times as you like
  • You must follow me  @Michael_Parsons if you plan on Tweeting the message.

I’ll draw one winner by random on March  14th.  I’ll be using random.org to generate the random winner.

Contest ends 3/14/11. Geekasms reserves all rights in choosing a winner at random. If chosen and the winner doesn’t respond within a few days, a new winner will be chosen.


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Batman Line Comes to Mimobot


They’re here!  The newest collection from designer USB maker Mimobot comes from Gotham city. Batman, Robin, The Joker (got mine ordered), and Catwoman are all represented in this new line. In face there are 5 versions total if you include the Vintage Batman, which I recently reviewed and gushed about over its awesomeness.

So if you’re a Batman diehard or a comic book lover, this are a must grab.  I’ll write about what I expect to be quality awesomeness once I get Joker to go up against my Vintage Batman.

More info @Mimobot

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Vintage Batman MIMOBOT–Reviewed

Mimoco_blackBG_webIn today’s world of everything being electronic and digital, its common practice to assume everyone has a computer, or has access to a computer by a family member or the public library.  This assumption is no where more prevalent then in today’s school system and the homework the kids bring home.  It is not a stretch of the imagination to have homework brought home multiple times a month that require a computer to complete it; could be writing a paper, or using the internet for research.  Gone are the days of having floppy disks to keep all your school research and papers on to take with you, today, if you don’t have a thumb drive, you’re almost looked at like you have a disease, or you get a look of sympathy as if you’re out of touch.  (The look I enjoy giving)

Its no secret that the market is inundated with USB flash drives.  You can practically get one anywhere (short of the quarter machines in men’s bathrooms).  So, why do I have a review about a flash drive?  Well because in the scheme of things, especially with kids, the concern isn’t the transfer speeds or performance it offers (slightly slower then some, but still works great) or so much the capacity (that concern comes with their iPhones and iPods) but if it looks cool.  The neater looking, the more unique, the better, and the better chance they won’t misplace it or forget it, meaning all those hours of research and writing won’t have to all be redone the night before its due!

The people at Mimoco  have created not only unique and functional flash drives, but they’ve practically created a line of collectable figures, that can function as USB flash drives.  I mean these things even stand up on your desk!  Unless you actually know what it is, its hard to tell its even a flash drive of any kind.

Mimoco offers their own original designs, but also offer licensed products including DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Star Wars and Halo.  I myself have the pleasure of getting the Vintage Batman MIMOBOT.   The grey and black-clad Vintage Batman MIMOBOT is styled after the icon’s first ever appearance in Detective Comics #27 from May 1939!  I mean how cool is that?  I have a flash drive styled after Batman’s first appearance.  On top of this thing coming with such a cool and unique visual style, it also have a few small extras included and comes pre-loaded with exclusive Batman MIMOBOT wallpapers, screensavers, and avatars, as all the MIMOBOTs do.  The Batman MIMOBOT comes in flavors of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.  ( I myself have the 2GB model)

Mimoco BatmanIn February Mimoco will be including Robin, Catwoman and The Joker to their Batman line. More MIMOBOT series based on additional DC Comics’ characters, including Green Lantern (want it), Superman and The Flash (WILL have it), will follow in the near future.

Mimoco might seem a little more expensive then generic flash drives, but you can’t argue with just how unique and cool they are.  I was originally writing this up as a parent, wanting to point out how such a unique flash drive could be useful, not only for your child to use, but to be responsible and to keep up with such a small item.  Like I said above, give them something they’ll really like to where they’ll make sure they keep track of it, and you won’t have to stay up with them and redo a month’s project in a single night.  Strangely enough though, the parent in me turn fan boy over the Vintage Batman I received, and that’s not even mentioning some of the other cool flash drives they have.  If you’re a parent, collector, or just a fan of one of their particular licensed lines, Mimoco’s Designer flash drives are just too good to pass up.


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What makes a hero?

Okay, up front I’ll say this isn’t a serious, in depth post about the the type of people we consider to be heroes or what we should strive for as individuals or anything like that.  Yes, that could be a discussion that could go forever, including the resent happenings with Lebron James, because in some circles people see him as a “hero.”  No this is entirely on what the imagery of a superhero and what people perceive and recognize as a hero, from a graphic design point of view.

The background is this: I was commissioned to design a superhero wildcat for Bath County Middle School, using my previous wildcat design I created for their yearbook as the template, to be used as a promotional piece for the coming year’s theme, of being a hero.  So, after working and tweaking the look, the pose and everything, I went with the design shown.  Trying to keep the feel of a teenage, I kept the “attitude” look I had used previously, went for what I would consider a teenagers superhero pose,blogcat one that communicates more attitude, with arms across the chest, rather then the fists on the hips ala Superman.  I took the idea of the current Superboy, Kon-El of wearing just jeans and a t-shirt; which was what I already had the wildcat in, as his “superhero costume” with the goal still wanting to be translated as this character is a teenager.  Finally I added a cape, something that I would consider a universal icon if you’re wanting to project a character as a superhero.  You can basically take anyone, anything, slap a cape on it, and it becomes a superhero, right?  RIGHT?!

Well apparently I’m dead wrong!  One of the people involved with making the final decisions decided that the cape was a terrible idea, and went with the imagery of a shield instead, not even giving me the opportunity to redesign the wildcat again, but this time holding a shield.  Apparently my concept of wearing a cape insulted this woman to such an extent she decided she wasn’t going to use anything I was going to do, and came up with her own design, just using a bland shield.

Now, I realize, everyone should follow the moniker “the customer is always right” but come on!  Someone thinking a shield communicates a superhero more then a cape?!  Really?!  Who else besides Captain America is a mainstream superhero that carries around a shield?  Why, when you have Superman, Batman, Thor, etc that wear capes, that are well known superhero icons, would you consider a shield a better communicator of a superhero over that of a cape?  A shield doesn’t say “progress” to me, which is what the whole HERO theme is to be a symbol of, but rather says protect, or shielded off.  I personally don’t see it communicating what the school is wanting.

Regardless, the decision is anyone’s but mine, and I realize I’ve used this space online as a soapbox to voice my frustration, but considering it’s the week of the San Diego Comic Con (which I WILL attend one of these days!) and I’ve used this space to show designs before, I felt it was reasonable to post about this as well. 

And as a bonus, what was to be my first submission for the full design is below.


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