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We’re moving! (Sort of)

I originally created this site/blog as a hub for all things related to me, but in the expansion of my graphic designing, I’m moving everything PCS related over to the new Parsons Creative Solutions site while also redesigning and restructuring to be more “Tech/Geek Dad” related along with a personal perspective of things.  Thanks for reading and here is to the hopes of expanding not only, but also!!

new pcs logo

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Rockcastle County Vector

One of the jobs I’ve recently had involved putting together some images for a presentation that was given during a Chamber of Commerce meeting where debates for some of the local positions up for election were held.  In my search, I failed to ever find a clean vector, or even just a clean clipart image of the border of Rockcastle County.  So after a little research and work, I put together a vector of Rockcastle County’s border.  After that, I created the borders for the 5 separate districts within the county, and finally on top of that layer, put the borders for the separate precincts within the districts.

Rockcastle County OutlineRockcastle County with district borders    Rockcastle County with district and precints

Below are links to download the Rockcastle County border, in three separate formats.  Additional versions and variations of the county, including a vector of Kentucky’s 34th district. (Rockcastle, Lincoln, and Madison Co) are available by email.  All that I ask, if you do use this, is to simply let me know by email or comment on here.  Thanks.


Download links

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

PNG File

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A refresh and a refocus…

Well, as is proof from that lack of updates and posts recently, I’ve been a busy guy, balancing time with work, starting to put plans together for Abby’s 1st birthday (next week) and trying to grab a hold of as much freelance graphic work as I can, local or not.  Fortunately for me, I have managed to pull in a couple of jobs here and there, which will hopefully build my portfolio and lead to bigger and better jobs.  (fingers crossed)  So with my 10 minutes of success, came about a fan’s page on facebook to compliment this blog and to help display logos and graphics, both used and unused, along with some that are still works in progress.  Along with the fan page came work on a business card design (still in progress) and a completely reworked logo.  Where originally I was going to use PCS as “Parsons Computer Services” where I would be concentrating on computer support and services, I’ve shifted the concentration to the graphic design/corporate identity  side of things, which came about a slightly different branding of “Parsons Creative Solutions” and a new logo.


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PCS – Graphic Design ad

PCS ad used in yearbook ads and online advertising.


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BCMS 2010 Yearbook cover – Final

The final design and layout for Bath Co Middle School’s 2010 yearbook cover.


If anyone is interested in having a custom cover design, feel free to head over to my other site,, or simply email me.  I’d be happy to discuss things, and am very easy on price, including being willing to trade for ad space.

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BCMS Wildcats

bcmsUpdates are finally coming, and the first is the update and final design for the Bath County Middle School  mascot that was used for the 2010 Yearbook cover.  I of course am not satisfied with it, but the people at the school love it, and well, the customer is always right!


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Little Design work

Been playing around with a little design work and thought I’d share to give myself an excuse to post tonight.  (multiple posts coming up this week).  Below is what I’ll refer to as the preliminary design for a “teenage” wildcat to be used with a middle school yearbook.

bath county wildcat online

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