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Spider-man’s costume: Is it actually the wrestling suit?

While doing some late night web surfing, I came across something over in the forums of Superherohype.com, where the user Majik1387 posted someSpider-man wrestling costume scans from the Spider-man miniseries Spider-Man: With Great Power from ‘08, which covered the period of time Peter was a wrestler prior to Uncle Ben’s shooting.  Within that miniseries, we get a look at a Spider-man suit which he wore while he was a wrestler, and unless you picked up the miniseries, you’ve probably not seen this suit before.(Left)  Look familiar?  Have to admit there are large similarities, especially the lack of the belt and the red going down the legs, even the size of the eyes on the mask  It could be argued that Marc Webb could have used this look as inspiration for the suit we’ve been seeing online the past few days.  If he didn’t though, that is one heck of a coincidence.

Beyond just that though, there are other aspects that point to this being his wrestling suit.  (Whether it’s the suit he wears through the entire film can’t be determined either way)  You also have to take into consideration that this is a reboot, along the same vein as Batman Begins was for the Batman franchise.  One would think, that with the success that the revitalized Batman franchise has enjoyed it would get the people at Sony, and Marc Webb to want duplicate a few of the finer aspects of what made Batman Begins and The Dark Knight so successful.  One of those being that they were tied down and based on the real world.  When you saw Bruce Wayne put together the first Batman outfit, along with the new one in the 2nd film, there were real world reasons behind it and how he put it together.  It wasn’t just in one scene Bruce Wayne has decided he wants to fight crime and the next he shows up in a recognizable latex suit.  We the audience saw the progression, and it could be argued that this is part of the reason for what we could be seeing in the upcoming Spider-man movie.  Remember, the film’s timeline is based when Peter is still in high school.  What normal teenager would have the ability, much less the resources to put together what we know as the classic spidey suit.  He still has the powers, and believes that “With great power, comes great responsibility” so the easiest way for him to be the hero he needs to be, is to use a suit already in his possession, a suit he wore wrestling.

If you take the basic concept that you need to relate things to the real world, then this gives more credence to the concept that we’re seeing the Spider-man wrestling suit, rather then the Spider-man superhero suit.

Another sign pointing to this?  Yet another photo has surfaced, and this one, gives a very clear picture of the foot, and it can clearly be seen that the silver we’ve been seeing, at first thinking it was something like a tennis shoe, to then being metallic, to now, looking like something leathery.  Not only that, put you can see that there is red that has the same type of sheen as well.

Spider-man wrestling boots

Now, compare that to say a picture of wrestler Kurt Angle and his wrestling boots:

Kurt Angle

Hard to argue that they match up pretty well isn’t it?  So its easy to accept that these could in fact be wrestling boots.  Not only that, but the idea of him wearing a wrestling costume gives reason as to why he’s in such bright colors, along with wearing what looks to be some form of gloves.

So, what does all this mean?  For me, if this is the case, it gives me a little bit more faith in the film.  If Marc Webb is actually using comics as the base material, granted it’s a miniseries that was printed under the Marvel Knights imprint and isn’t considered cannon, he is still basing it off material already out there, so it can’t be blamed for that.  Plus, its giving real world purpose to not only the suit, but the evolution of the suit.  In the original Spider-man movies from Sam Raimi, we see peter wrestle in sweats and a ski mask, turn around and we suddenly see him in this fairly sophisticated suit, and have no explanation how a kid, who was wrestling for money because he was broke, turns around and finds the resources to create the suite.  I can handle using the Batman Begins equation for the explanation and evolution of the Spider-man costume.

For me, I hope what we’ve seen so far is in fact the wrestling suit.  If it is, I can even handle seeing it through the entire movie.  There is purpose and reason for why we would.  Why would he make his own suit while he has this perfectly good one to use.  Could even be something where the suit is thoroughly trashed in the final battle scene, where we could see the classic suit, or a closer version of it in the next film.

Bottom line, for now, I’m under the belief that what we’re seeing is Peter Parker wearing his Spider-man wrestling costume, and that eventually, maybe not till the next film, we will see the more iconic Spider-man suit.  I realize the last few days I’ve been posting and tearing this suit apart, but now, looking at it this way, gives me a little more faith in Marc Webb.  At least enough to where I can sit back and say I will wait and see what the final product is before I judge anymore.

Check out Superherohype’s forum, and the discussion about the Spider-man costume and additional pictures and scans here.

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