New Smallville Poster – Reveals detail about their Superman suit?

Today The CW released a new promo-poster for the return of Smallville on January 28th.  The new poster carries the tagline “Destiny is Now” and shows Clark Kent (Tom Welling) standing with a chrome version of the “Superman Returns” ‘S’ shield behind him, and a smooth reflective version of the shield below him.

In the reflection is a glimpse of the iconic costume.  The reflection unfortunately is mostly the reflection of Brandon Routh’s Superman, from a Superman Returns promo.  (See comparison below)

However, there is one noticeable difference.  I do not believe that this is a tease as to we MIGHT see Smallville’s Clark Kent don the famous Red and Blues, but to an indication that we will be seeing him, and that it will not be a carbon copy of the classic costume, but will have a Smallville spin on it.  This suspicion comes from the fact that yes, the reflection is of Brandon Routh in his Superman Returns costume, which we have already seen hinted as the costume used, however, if you pay close attention to the reflection of the boots, the blue and the red do not match up with how the costume is typically depicted.

Deliberate change, or just sloppy Photoshop work?  Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Original Promo Imagesmallville1

Brandon Routh’s Superman on top of Superman “reflection”


Notice the difference?



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