Doctor Who A Christmas Carol–New promo pics

The fine people over at The BBC have released some new promo pictures  for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special: A Christmas Carol!  Check them out!


Along with these new photos, The BBC also released this short synopsis on their site last week:

Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way The Doctor can rescue them is to save the soul of a lonely old miser, in a festive edition of the time-travelling adventure, written by Steven Moffat. But is Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown, beyond redemption? And what is lurking in the fogs of Christmas Eve?


Its less then 3 weeks away now!  Don’t forget, A Christmas Carol airs on BBC America on December 25th at 9pm ET



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2 responses to “Doctor Who A Christmas Carol–New promo pics

  1. Awesome. I don’t watch the Who but if I did this would sound rad. My hubs designed a mug (fully sanctioned by the BBC, mind you) where when you fill it up with hot water, the magic phone booth (see I obviously don’t watch, I think it’s called a Targus?) anyways, when you fill it with hot water it disappears into space. Neato right?

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