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Random Leg Licking!!

No idea why she started this, but in the car yesterday I looked back, and Bug was licking her leg!! Absolutely no idea why she started this or why she was doing it and fortunately she hasn’t repeated it.  She did however have no problem posing and repeating the action so I could snap a few pictures of the said behavior.  She has been absolutely fascinated with her tongue lately, so I pass it off as that more then anything else.  Can’t help but smile at it though….

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The Odd Couple

Just wanted to share this. One of my favorite people that I see and help in my area insists on still using the keyboard she started out with!  Its an old IBM keyboard, with the function keys on the left in 2 columns rather then on the top row, is rather clunky and loud as well. Its been some struggles at times, including being used with a KVM switch, systems that no longer have PS2 ports and more hurdles.   I do what I can to keep her happy and keep this keyboard working, and now it’s working with Windows 7! (The bad boy has been working since DOS!)

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