The Greatest Celebrity App EVER: Kevin Pollak

Title: Kevin Pollak Price: $0.99    Developer: Randy Adams

pollakThe man, he’s hilarious. He was the source of my interest in Twitter while talking about it on The Bob and Tom show.  He does an impersonation of nearly everyone but me, and now, he has what is hard pressed not to be the best celebrity iPhone app available.  Developed by Randy Adams, the Kevin Pollak app, offers up a video blog where Kevin records quick videos for the fan’s view pleasure.  You have a products tab, which takes you directing to an Amazon listing of all things Kevin Pollak.  If you’re not on Twitter, but still curious about what he tweets, there is a link to that!  Along with photos, links to and news regarding him, and archives of his chat show, the Kevin Pollak app is an amazing fan site, realized in the form of an iPhone app!

Flat out, if you enjoy the comedy of Kevin Pollak, at just 99 cents, this app is a must have, the vBlog alone is worth the price for admission!

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