Camera+ gets stable without a tripod with version 1.2.1

With one of the few apps that I follow and keep tight tabs on personally because I love it, I thought I’d keep my readers updated, as this app has made a few of my lists, and will be included in another upcoming list soon.  Announced today, the people at tap tap tap announced a stability update of Camera+ with already mentioning version 1.3 and new features!!  Whoohoo!!   Below is the an exert of tap tap tap’s announcement on their blog:

For this release, we’ve gone into bug-fix mode in order to make Camera+ as stable and reliable as it can possibly be. Here are the release notes for version 1.2.1 (app store link):

  •  greatly improved usability of our exclusive Touch Exposure and Touch Focus features so that you can now move around the controls once you lift your fingers, hopefully resulting in far fewer cases of pretzel-finger
  •  fixed a bug where the camera shutter button would stop functioning (again)
  •  fixed a bug where the whole app basically wasn’t working if you were using the app on a certain beta version of a certain OS (special thanks to the several people who 1-starred us for not being completely on the bleeding edge while we develop… it’s payback time and you owe us stars… staaarrrsssss!)
  •  fixed a bug where double flash & flip controls would appear in the camera screen

Click the link above if you would like to read the rest of the release notes, and if you haven’t already, go out and buy this app, it is well worth it!  Now the wait begins for Camera+ 1.3!!


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