30 Days of ‘Fu’ – Day 2

Setting up

Okay, so here we go, day 2.  Day 1 I zipped through using the squats and crunches, but today with the pushups and pullups, I have to use my make shift sports strap, and I’m unsure of how it will hold up.  As I already have my account created, I just have to sync these two apps with my already created GymFu account, go through the introductions and instructions, and its away we go!


These two apps give you the option of either having the phone be on the inside or the outside of your bicep, pointed down.  I chose inside my bicep hoping it would be easier to push start and be ready to go.  Plan was good with the pushups, not as well on the pullups, but more on that below.

Training works the same as with crunches and squats.  I had my baby girl helping me with the pushups, so my initial testing didn’t go so well, and well, I sucked on the pullups, but, I didn’t retake the tests on the first day and I chose not to today, so I go with what I got.  I’m doing all this from the aspect of a Dad, so if my baby girl distracts me, well that’s part of it!


I started with the pushups, which were no problem.  I was able to go through all the motions, had the timing down, so I wasn’t called down on “half” or too fast, and having my phone on the inside of my arm, even with my make shift band, helped me be able to cancel the 120 second break between reps and keep on going through the pushups.

Now the embarrassing part.  I borrowed my brother’s pullup bar he had when he purchased the P90X workout DVDs.  I knew I was in trouble when he bet me I couldn’t do 3 “real” pullups for $100 and I failed, but I went through with it anyway.  Setup the bar in a doorway, and went to it.  The starting point for the pullups is you hanging from the bar, so you have to push start, then lower yourself and hang until it tells you go.  I was able to do 1 and then got called on “half” afterwards.  I had to cheat a little to get through all the reps without being called “half!” on them.  Something I’m not proud of at all, truly embarrassed to be writing that, but am determined to be improved by the end of the 30 days.


After 2 days, I’ve used GymFu’s 4 apps, and am rather impressed by them.  For a quick easy workout in my office or upstairs I could easily use these apps more then what I’m using them, but for these tests and reviews, I’m using he apps how they suggest, with resting 48 hrs between workouts.  I plan on looking into the battles and leagues after I get my reps up, hopefully this time next week, but now that we’ve gotten over the hump of getting started with the apps, it time really get into them and see what they can do.


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