30 Days of ‘Fu’

Lets face it, no one ever has enough time in the day to do everything they want.  As you get older, you gain a career, a significant other, children, your responsibilities to other people begin to overtake your responsibilities to yourself, and things slowly slip through the cracks.  One that I’m guilty of, more so the past few years, has been my health and weight.  Sure, I’ve been determined on more then one occasion to get up and go to the gym.  I tell myself how I used to be in great shape, I used to love lifting weights, I can get back to that, I just have to get over the hump of getting started and it’ll be down hill from there.  Well, the hump is a bit more of a hill now, it takes longer to get over, and honestly, I always find something that I feel is more important then going to the gym before I get over that hump.

Part of my problem, or what I use for the biggest excuse, is my job.  My job is somewhat unpredictable in that there are days where I can’t guarantee I’ll be home at a certain time, and once I am home, I want to spend time with my kids, so the later home I get, the smaller the window I have before the kids go to sleep.  Things have to be thrown out, so they are!  Well through my random browsing, I came across a site; GymFu.com, where they currently offer 4 different apps in the Apple AppStore, all geared towards exercise, all using different techniques, and all being somewhat unique in their approach.

What the people at GymFu seem to have done is take the ideas people have now with the WiiFit, using equipment and motion as a means of support in exercising at home, because lets face it, you’re more likely to cheat if you’re at home, and shrunk it into the iPhone, using the device’s accelerometer to read and analyze your motions to determine the accuracy in which you do your exercises.  Which honestly, seems like a no brainer in terms of a use for the iPhone, its just something I haven’t come across before.

So, I decided, as motivation to get me back into the swing of things exercising, considering I do none currently, and as an excuse to blog more, I’m going to do 30 days of using GymFu’s apps.  This will be an extended, real time test and review of the apps.  I will weight once a week, follow the apps regimens and exercise, and will keep track of my calorie intake, testing out two apps there as well.

So, starting tomorrow, I will record my weight, start keeping track of my calories and will begin using the apps, which let me point out, short of just reading on them, I have not started using them yet.  I have not created accounts or anything else, I will start that tomorrow, as a means to begin just like anyone else would.

So, feel free to check back here tomorrow, and every few days as I will be updating on my progress, as well as my opinions and feedback on the apps, or follow me on Twitter @Michael_Parsons for updates from myself, as well as the apps as they seem to connect with your Twitter account if you choose to allow them access.  So check back with me, as I go through 30 Days of “Fu”



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