Farmville on the iPhone?! WHY?!

Okay, typically I don’t write about this stuff, but the frustration I already have with Farmville has now been increased by it being announced at WWDC that its coming to the iPhone.  As if people don’t already spend way to much time on that and other games, they can now play it practically anywhere?!  Apparently Zynga’s goal is to slowly dumb down all iPhone and iPad users, but wait, there’s more!!  The iPhone app not only comes with a special snow leopard (groan) but it has push notifications for withering crops!!  Just what I need, in the middle of dinner my wife’s phone chiming and she has to stop to water crops, or even more hilarious, having a boss get the same notification while in the middle of a presentation.  (You know there are a handful of those out there)  Why, oh why would Zynga want to put this app on the iPhone, and more importantly, why would Apple agree to it?

Over 70 million monthly active users play Farmville (what?!) allowing for Zynga to have raised $2 million for Haiti relief.    Yes, I don’t get why people play that game constantly (and before getting yelled out that I assume, no I don’t, I did play the game for a couple of weeks, playing it as more of a challenge against my wife).  I don’t understand the constant attention one needs to give to a virtual farm that captivates people the way it does.  Problem is, my opinion ultimately doesn’t matter, I’m 1 person to over 70 million people, and where 70 million people go, people follow.


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