Rockcastle County Vector

One of the jobs I’ve recently had involved putting together some images for a presentation that was given during a Chamber of Commerce meeting where debates for some of the local positions up for election were held.  In my search, I failed to ever find a clean vector, or even just a clean clipart image of the border of Rockcastle County.  So after a little research and work, I put together a vector of Rockcastle County’s border.  After that, I created the borders for the 5 separate districts within the county, and finally on top of that layer, put the borders for the separate precincts within the districts.

Rockcastle County OutlineRockcastle County with district borders    Rockcastle County with district and precints

Below are links to download the Rockcastle County border, in three separate formats.  Additional versions and variations of the county, including a vector of Kentucky’s 34th district. (Rockcastle, Lincoln, and Madison Co) are available by email.  All that I ask, if you do use this, is to simply let me know by email or comment on here.  Thanks.


Download links

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

PNG File


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